Screen Writing: 5 Nuances You Should Know

In one of the most famous James Monaco texts (The Language of Film: Signs and Syntax), there is an adage, “Film is not a language, but it is like language...” So, when you write for a film, you do not just use language as your medium to convey your story. There is an audio-visual element to the film that we so understand yet overlook when we read a screenplay or a movie. This is one of the reasons cinema becomes a complex narrative even though it is not literary in the traditional sense of the w

Taking a Gap Year Was Like Taking Frost’s Less-Travelled Road

I remember the wintry afternoon of January 2021 when I attended the first class of my last semester in my room. It soon dawned on me that I would be a pandemic graduate within six months. I stood clueless because half of my college life was washed away by the pandemic, contracting COVID-19, recovering from dengue, along with grieving a grandparent’s loss. ‘I know, it was a lot and people had it worse’ – that is what I told myself to get through the dreadful time.

Soon, I graduated on a random S

Feminist Cartoonist Jacky Fleming’s Humorous take on Troubled Womyn

Please note the copyright of the artwork stands belongs to Jacky Fleming, the author of the book, The Trouble With Women.

When we open our history books, how often do we come across womyn? Even when we dissect the word, His-story, it cracks up the other half who has never been asked to tell Her-story, let alone be told as one. One of the leading feminist cartoonists, Jacky Fleming, explores the reasons and causes of this erasure in her comic book The Trouble With Women, written with a satire to

Women and Travel

Women have been infantilized their entire lives and when the time comes to take charge of the situation, they flail. It is not that they can’t swim against the current, it is just that they have been asked to stay on the backwaters enough times that their confidence flails more than their abilities when it comes to rescuing themselves. We are not damsels in distress, we are just made to believe we are.

You were surrounded by tons of teachers when you were in school and even in college you end u

What I Do

Right now, working as a digital copywriter where I am writing for brands like Korum, DNV, Netihka Naturals, Babuline and Sony. 

I am also attaching this document where I wrote for an Investment Brand for its social presence. 

My Background

A literature undergraduate who is experimenting with different forms of writing. Copywriting, screenwriting, blog writing and on some mornings journal writings. An enthusiast for words and stories since when, that's unknown.